InterpartnersPegasus Advertising is a member of Interpartners Worldwide, an international network comprising independent advertising agencies in 24 countries over four continents: Europe, America, Australia and Asia.

This international network was established to enable clients to create strong brands around the world with the support of local experts.  The purpose of Interpartners Worldwide is to develop creative, effective communication solutions which are adapted to be coherent to the local market.

The central theme of Interpartners Worldwide is the exchange of ideas, experience and know-how coupled with the ability to capitalise upon the benefits brought by experts in foreign markets.  As a result, our consultants and associates are open-minded to new ideas and are well orientated to contemporary market conditions.  The network enables our clients to tailor every concept to any market and to adapt brands to local conditions.

Look beyond borders

Making advertising travel may appear quite simple.

In truth, the exercise is a pretty complex one. Indeed, although economic systems tend to grow towards one another globally, there is far less evidence of attitudinal convergence among consumers. Higher discretionary income gives people more leverage to express themselves, in fact they will do so according to value patterns which are essentially culture-bound.

Assuming the universal nature of human behavior should therefore never be taken for granted.

Understanding this will give international marketers a formidable weapon to leapfrog competition.

Choosing an advertising network.

International marketers have several options open to them.
Appoint a global, homogenised group and face the risk of delivering bland advertising, ignored on the ground.

Or, leave country managers free to produce (ill matched) messages at the expense of brand consistency. Call it the blinkered option.

What about a third option?

Interpartners is a formally structured group of entrepreneurs, used to connect with one another to share resources and talent.

Backed by a jointly financed co-ordination unit in Brussels, we are careful not to hamper commitment by cumbersome dictates. Not swayed by local pressures, each partner remains sensitive to his own territory and will make sure that your message will reach local consumers persuasively.

Bland, blinkered or Interpartners. The choice is yours.

Making ideas travel

Working principles

Helping clients build brands across markets implies working to three straightforward principles:

International network advertising agencies - PolandBig ideas travel better

Successful international marketing relies on big ideas to cross borders most effectively. For this, you need an experienced lead team, backed by a network committed to being a real business partner.

Interpretation not translation

Straight adaptation often misses the point, and unless the concept is properly trans-created, it will not travel.
Intelligent interpretation, with an ear and an eye for local divergence and flexibility, is the passport to effective communication. This implies a strong local agency in each of your markets.

Owners make careful drivers

Traditional holding company networks find it tough to motivate individual agencies executing global campaigns locally. But when the people looking after your business have equity in their agency, and the agency has equity in its international network, they are doubly motivated to ensure your needs are looked after and your goals met.

Pegasus Group is the expert agency responsible for the Polish, Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian markets.