Loyalty and Incentive Programmes

We are one of the few Polish advertising agencies who specialize in developing loyalty and client relations. For more than 20 years we have designed and implemented hundreds of loyalty and incentive programmes targeted of consumers (B2C) and distribution networks (B2B).

Strategy and mechanics

The rules of loyalty and incentive programmes are one of the most basic elements. That constitute the attractiveness of the programmes to end users and sponsors. We have gathered our experience over many years and we know how to prepare the mechanisms to fulfil the criteria of both parties. Every project is „tailor made” including research and analysis of target group, the specifics and nature of the sector, the competitors and their marketing activities. We help our clients to estimate the loyalty programme budget, we fix the points conversion value and we forecast ROI. We use the best and proven tools, whose primary objective is to launch the most effective and attractive loyalty programme in any particular sector.

Communication in loyalty programmes

The launch of loyalty programme is only the beginning. Many companies are simply not aware that loyalty and incentive programmes are very sophisticated communications tools between the companies and their customers. Comprehensive analysis and thorough supervision is absolutely necessary on a monthly bases throughout the entire period of the project. The success of any loyalty programmes depends upon the frequency and methods of communication with participants. Thanks to our extensive experiences we know how best to speak with and motivate participants in order to be better involved with the programme.

Communications within our loyalty programmes are comprehensive. We not only provide date regarding the status of the programme, about rules and prizes but we also provide many additional activities such as contest, events, occasional, sales promotions, CATI and IDI research and product knowledge projects. Such activities are proven to increase participant numbers, in our programmes and generate positive influence on the image of the sponsors.

For any programme we carefully combine the most effective and attractive communication tools using both Internet, MMS and SMS in addition to traditional paper methods. In order to achieve these methods, we create information and advertisement materials, points catalogue, websites, electronic and direct mailings, sales presentations plus training and POS materials.

Loyalty programme – necessary tools

Not only knowledge and experience is necessary when you deal with loyalty programmes. Well trained staff and organisational support is also very important. Our structures are flexible and adaptable to provide small, medium and large schemes. Included within our service, we provide everything necessary to establish, manage, supervise and control a loyalty and incentive programme. For example we design materials and communication mechanisms, prepare any legal documentation and regulations, give IT support and data management in addition to calculating the taxable benefit of prizes.


Prize selection, suitability and distribution

Every loyalty programme is all about prizes. For every one of our projects we pay special attention to choosing the most appropriate and attractive prizes. They have to be adjusted to the participant profile to achieve the best perceived value. Our points catalogues are characterized by clear and attractive presentation of the prizes on offer. As we take the responsibility for purchasing, packaging and dispatch, we are always careful to execute this process on time and in the most cost effective manner for the client.

We also have a call centre to provide the essential task of point of contact for participants od the loyalty programmes. Additionally the centre deals with telemarketing and marketing research projects.

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