Call Center


We are specialised in creating and implementing dedicated telemarketing campaigns. Thanks to well developed and proven techniques, we have the capability to manage product helplines in addition toincentive and motivational programme helplines – we currently manage ten such projects.

Experienced call center team

Thanks to our experienced and dedicated call center team, we are able to conductprojects such as sales promotions, lotteries, consumer tests and other particularly demanding marketing projects. Additionally, our helpline supports activities dedicated to sales networks, for example, mystery shopper, studies and many more.The following activites can be managed on your behalf:

  • Telephone market research
  • Comparative studies of helplines – benchmarking
  • Monitoring of BTL activities
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Public opinion polls
  • Mystery shopper
  • Research of competitors
  • Marketing research:
  • Brand awareness
  • Campaign effectiveness
  • Customer segmentation
  • Product and service trials

Full range of call center services

Our holistic approach to client service means we are able to meet any challenge presented to us in respect of market research. We assume full responsibility for the participation of thousands of attendants in our programmes.

Our call center offers you:

  • Helplines
  • Information services for clients
  • Managing corrections to and changes to clients' personal data
  • Managing complaints
  • Emergency call centre
  • Appointment arranging
  • Bulk SMS and MMS
  • Email marketing
  • Identifying new opportunities, POS, distributors and clients

For more information please contact us at:

tel. 0048 22 877 22 18