ATL campaigns

Prior to preparing a communications strategy for our clients, we make a thorough analysis of their needs and requirements and those of their customers, market conditions, the stage of the products or brand’s life cycle and the competitive environment. We do not apply strict criteria for ATL, BTL and interactive media but develop tailor-made solutions which will be most appropriate and effective for the client. Mass media such as TV, radio, press and outdoor naturally represent an important part of the marketing mix, which we often utilize.

ATL campaigns – local and global

Our agency is a member of a global network of independent advertising agencies – Interpartners Worldwide - which enables us to develop both local campaigns and adaptations for other markets. Thanks to our affiliation, we have the know-how, tools and contacts to enable us to conduct campaigns over four continents; Europe, America, Australia and Asia. To ensure effectiveness, campaigns may be trans-created to adapt them to local market conditions and to allow for cultural differences and business practices of a particular foreign market.

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