About us

Pegasus Public Relations belongs to Pegasus Group who has been providing marketing communications for more than 20 years.  Since 1996, Pegasus PR has specialised in public relations projects offering comprehensive communications campaigns.

Scope of Experience

Pegasus PR has planned and executed many campaigns over recent years on behalf of international and Polish enterprises from market leading Fortune 500 corporations to local start-ups spanning a wide spectrum of market sectors – from agriculture to wine, automotive to wood products, FMCG to software in respect of both B2B and B2C.

Such campaigns have effectively reinforced their market positions by increasing awareness and consumer recognition of new brands, products, services, personnel and the corporations themselves.  

A major advantage enjoyed by our clients is our in-depth local knowledge of Polish and CEE markets.  Our clients can be assured that Pegasus PR will reliably research, advise, plan, execute and monitor campaigns in this region while the client may, in fact, be located anywhere in the world.  We act as ‘eyes and ears’ for our remote clients and ensure they are kept fully informed of all matters related to and affecting their particular market sector within Poland and CEE.

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PR agency, Poland, our team

The Pegasus PR teams uniquely manage to blend the opposing forces of passion and discipline – like combinig fire with water. The teams combine experience and know-how of senior management with creativity of young executives dedicated to their work.  Our objective is to provide our clients with professional communications support throughout every stage of a project.  The PR teams can be augmented by other experts from within the agency or our network partners to create a team of consultants of the highest calibre.  Consequently, we develop credible and lasting relationships with media representatives and journalists.

Our team means:

  • creativity
  • cooperation
  • credibility
  • engagement
  • availability – to both clients and the media


Our experience over many market sectors coupled with our team’s abilities allows our ideas to be original and innovative thereby helping to create a competitive edge.  We apply 16 years of accumulated experience and know-how to create solutions tailored to the needs and expectations of our clients. Pegasus PR creates innovative solutions by applying strategies and techniques proven in one particular sector to other sectors where they have never been applied before.

Track Record and Results

Effective, results, pr agency, media relations, Poland, polishOn behalf of our clients, we have achieved the following:
•    More than 500 communications campaigns
•    In excess of 100 press conferences
•    Some 300 endorsements and interviews with industry experts
•    Over 2000 press releases
The result of these activities has been the achievement of greater than 70,000 publications related to our clients’ products and brands in addition to their corporate communications and activities. If our 70,000 publications were placed end to end, they would stretch from the Eiffel Tower to Versailles.